Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Ahem! Testing, testing, one, two, three ...

"It's still switched on. You don't have to tap the screen like that."

Still switched on?


Always? Oh. *PEERS CLOSELY* Well, look at that. There's somebody out there. They've left a comment or two. Fancy that. Do you think they should leave those comments lying around like that? Is that normal? They don't have to scoop them up and put them in little plastic bags afterwards?

"No more dog-stuff. You promised. Just get on with it, will you. Say something sensible. Don't just slouch there, staring."


Okay. It began with the politest of invitations: "Go forth and blog. Have an adventure. See what it's like."

So into Blogdom I ventured, little knowing I'd get lost there, unable to find my way back through the wardrobe (or hard drive, or whatever) for... for what seemed a very long time, but which was really only four or five hours. There were bloggers everywhere, and links to blogs, and links to websites, and buttons to push and videos to watch and music to listen to and reviews to read and books to buy and photographs to click and comments to browse and, and, and... Well, all I can say is that I can't resist pushing buttons and it's a much bigger world than it was few days ago.

Also, there's a few things that seem to happen pretty often in Blogdom, which aren't at all bad, so I'm gonna see if I can make one of them happen here. Just for the fun of it! Simply because such things can happen here!

  • That is: blog links (or is that blinks?)
I came across heaps of incredible blogs, but there were a couple I tapped into pretty solidly and will be visiting regularly, I imagine: Scott Pack's Me and My Big Mouth http://meandmybigmouth.typepad.com/ and dovegreyreader at http://dovegreyreader.typepad.com/

If you're interested in books, which I guess you are if you're here, then check these out for yourself.

Happy blogging, happy reading.

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