Wednesday, 3 February 2010

10 Journeys

Legend Press are promoting their forthcoming anthology of short stories, 10 Journeys, by profiling two of the contributing authors each day.  I'm featured, along with Josie Henley-Einion, here.  Oh, and that's not the Southern Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific or the Coral Sea behind me, but the Irish Sea from the trip last year.

I'm keen to see what the 10 Journeys cover will be like.  The whole book cover thing is exciting - well, for me it is (little things pleasing little minds and all that).  Not quite knowing how it's going to be, but feeling there's always quite a bit at stake on the outward appearance - the crucial outer wrapper to a story that invites and leads a reader in. What'll it be like?

Must admit I wasn't that fussed on the cover design for the 7 Days anthology ... initially. But what seemed odd for one edition, became interestingly quirky when Legend Press applied it to the 8 Hours anthology, and then a very clever branding device when they developed it by amping up the stylisation for 8 Rooms and the second edition of The Remarkable Everyday.  Now, I've become a fan of that slightly 70s psychedelic look and I'll be disappointed if 10 Journeys moves away from it.  Guess I'll just have to wait and see.


Mike French said...

I agree I like the brand look they have gone for - looking forward to seeing you in print again :-)

Jane Turley said...

You look cool in those specs PB!

Book covers are very important. I know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover but well.....it's pretty hard not too:)

I liked the cover for 8 Rooms too. I think with a collection of short stories you can really get away with a more "psychedelic" look -as you say. So long as they don't have a steam train snaking off into the distance on the cover of 10 Journeys I'll be happy:))

Paul said...

Thanks, Mike, and thanks, Jane. Those sunnies are part of my cover (actually, I can't see too much detail without them)... but I am cool, even when I don't wear them... it's just that I fall over a lot more