Saturday, 4 September 2010

Friday Night at the Movies with Gary Davison

Yep, it's Friday Night at the Movies with me Geordie mate Gary Davison in the chair.  For the second time, Gary's making a guest appearance here, while I'm over at his site making a guest appearance there, and we're... well, perhaps I should just pass the keyboard over to Gary:

Drum roll, please. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Not quite the same as the lion letting rip, but no matter. The challenge this week that Paul and I have come up with is to name our favourite movies from the last four decades. With a couple of wild cards.

1970s – I was jammed between a few here, trapped you could say, but some things did not remain trapped for long in my first selection:
Blazing Saddles – The sheriff of Rockridge and Mongo and beans has never left my mind and every time I watch this I’m doubled over.

1980s – It was my teenage years, which included a small amount of truancy, so it figures that my next choice would be up there:
Ferris Buellers Day Off. 1986, the year I left school. Cool, cool film.

1990s – by now alcohol was playing a part in my life and I was fond of the odd kebab, a combination which the star of my next pick held close to his heart. And like everyone else, I was covering my eyes when anyone dared to go near his prison cell:
Silence of the Lambs – naughty.

00s – It’s modern day (last year, I think) and this film, Bollywood I think they call it, was winning Oscars like no tomorrow. I thought, Nah, not for me, but there were too many five star ratings to ignore, so we went. What a movie. Gritty, sexy, thrilling, edge of your seat and amazingly directed:
Slumdog Millionaire.

My couple of wildcards need no introduction, except to say I will watch these two films, at the right time of the year, for the rest of my life:
Tombstone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Cheers, Gary.  Now, put your jacket on, drop the latch and head off to the flicks for a night to remember. 

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