Friday, 14 January 2011

More on Carson McCullers

Following on from my last post about Carson McCullers' wonderful The Member of the Wedding, I received a comment from Cathy Fussell, director of the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians in Columbus, Georgia (USA).  Cathy thought visitors to my blog might like to know about the forthcoming Carson McCullers conference that takes place 17-19th February on what would be the great lady's 94th birthday.  There are plenty of details at the website: www.mccullerscenter.org 

What I thought might also be of interest to other writers is the opportunity to apply for a Fellowship (the chance to live and work in Carson McCullers' house in Columbus for a semester) and for musicians to apply for a Composer Residency.  *I'm not sure whether applications are limited to American residents or nationals, but it sounds like a tremendous opportunity and is supported by Columbus State University.

*Have since learned  that the invitation to apply is extended to non-U.S. citizens, so good news for all on that score - see Cathy's  note under Comments.

If this is the sort of thing you might be interested in - or you'd simply like more information about Carson McCullers herself - the website is well worth a visit.


Cathy said...

Here I am again, Paul. Thanks for the conference shout-out. It's gonna be a good one! And thanks for the fellowship plug, too. The fellowship is not limited to U.S. citizens, and it is not genre-specific. I do encourage writers to apply. Information is available at www.mccullerscenter.org or call 706 565-4021. Thanks again, Paul, for your interest in Carson McCullers.

Paul said...

No worries, Cathy, and good luck with the conference - I hope everyone has a great time.