Sunday, 1 February 2009

The View From Here

Bigger, better, bolder, brighter
more views, more perspectives, more insight, more opportunities

The View From Here has merged with The Hiss Quarterly

Two excellent literary zines have morphed into one outstanding SUPER-zine. Yes, I know I'm biassed, but that don't change a thing! The new zine will still be known as The View From Here and will continue to publish a monthly print edition, have a weekly e-mail subscription and a regular roll-out of daily postings, literary news, short fiction... the lot. But the team will be bigger, have an even broader sweep of experience, and there'll be a new focus on submissions of short fiction in The Front View.

For details, go to The View From Here.


Stella said...

We're taking over the world, aren't we? I keep looking at the number of email subscribers and I cackle (somewhat maniacally) when I see it's risen.

Btw, how's the heatwave?

gary davison said...

Great stuff, looking forward to the already superb View From Here being even bigger and better.

Swubird said...


Mergers are always scary. But they're also EXCITING! Good luck.

happy trails.

Paul said...

Stella, Gary, Swubird: Watch out Newscorp, eh? The number of visitors and e-mail subscribers is astounding, and I can't wait until the print edition is available elsewhere. Definitely a very exciting time.

Stella, the last couple of days have been very pleasant with us. We moved from the excessive temperatures, although I believe there's more on the way. Still, it's good to be able to enjoy a quick paddle or swim of a day.

Mike French said...

Exciting days indeed - Swubird: I agree but so far this merger has gone very smoothly!