Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Guest blog: Mixing it up with Gary Davison, author of Fat Tuesday and Streakers

Right we're at it again, Paul and I, amusing ourselves on our blogs. This time it's music. 70s, 80s, noughties - I wasn't a huge fan of music, but the 90s - that was a rave time for us, so plenty of memories (or not as the case was back then) for that decade.

70s. When this record came out, I was only nine years old and I was idolising the Sex Pistols and Sham 69. Since its release in 1979, I have listened to it and loved it many times and will in the future. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd.

80s - the time when I left school and generally had a good time of it. Like A Virgin by Madonna was a favourite, as was, You got to fight for Your right to Party - Beastie boys, Buffalo Stance - Nenah Cherry, but my favourite, in 1989, just before it all went crazy, was Pump up the Jam - technotronic.

90s - This was my biggest decade for music and when the rave scene swept the country. Adamski - killer, EMF - unbelievable, 2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This, Everybody's Free - Rozalla, Shades of Rhythm, the Prodigy - fire starter, where do I end? On the best, and the one that had us all cutting a rug and making shapes the most: What Time Is Love - KLF. Fantastic time was had by all, mostly in farmer's fields, but still.

00s - In the noughties, there are a few artists I particularly like, and a few songs that stand out. Eminem - Lose Yourself, was a cracker, Drop it like it's hot - Snoop Dog, but my star of this decade is Lady Gaga. Anyone that goes to graft with a telephone on their head wearing a dress made of meat is sound by me. And I like her music.

Hope you enjoyed that blast from the past as much as I did. Has fifteen years really passed?

Cheers, Gary. You can visit Gary's blog and website here and find his books on Amazon here.


Jane Turley said...

Well there's a couple of corkers in there - Killer is a great record as was Another Brick on the Wall which I remember was absolutely huge when I was a teenager but other than those I think Gary spent too long out in those farmer's fields!! (I expect he'll give me a thrashing now.)

Paul said...

If not a thrashing then certainly a threshing!

Jane Turley said...

I can cope with a threshing; I just hope he doesn't get his hoe out:)))

Paul said...

Ho! Ho!

There was a line in that there field and I think you stepped right over it!

Jane Turley said...

That's the story of my life PB; one verbal faux pas after another:)

Reminds me of when I forgot my lines in Antigone and had to adlib;

" My father is blind: why can he not see my love for Haemon!

Oh wait a minute...he IS blind...

Oh woe, woe, woe is me!......"