Sunday, 6 May 2012

Go the Fuck to Sleep

I haven't bought a children's picture book in a while.  Pity that, because I've always liked the things, and continued to buy them for a while after my own kids had grown up.  However, I suspect I'm about to buy again.

Apparently, while I was camping on the moon, planet Earth was raving about Adam Mansbach's children's book Go the Fuck to Sleep.  I've only just caught on to the fact, but will try and make up for it now by spreading the word to anyone who happened to be on Jupiter or Pluto at the same time.

I cacked myself laughing when I watched these two videos, not least because I could relate all too well to the sentiment: one of my kids refused to sleep... not only through childhood, but through most of adolescence too, bless her cotton socks.

The first clip has Noni Hazlehurst, ex-Playschool, reading the book, and the second clip has Samuel L. Jackson singing it.  Great stuff.  Well done, Mr Mansbach.  (Buy it here.)


Jane Turley said...

Ha, ha, ha! Love it! I shall have to get this book so that I can add it to my repertory when I'm on baby sitting duties.

Mine sleep now - but boy do I still suffer from the consequences of having kids who didn't sleep.

Paul Burman said...

Hey, maybe that's why I wake up after a couple of hours too. I thought it was the alcohol. Never thought of blaming the sleeplessness of my eldest!