Saturday, 24 January 2009

Today's routine

  • Checked e-mails and blogs during a late and drawn-out breakfast. Slow and easy Saturday morning. Sigh.
  • Spent hour or so working on single paragraph of Number Two, Part One. Thought this paragraph was constructed okay until I looked at it today from different angle. Experimented by switching around a few features and then realised major renovation was required. Significant demolition took place. Hopefully, new sentences will have more enduring quality. Will check it out again later.
  • Hanging out washing as I chew over preferences between one word or another.
  • Spent few hours working on Number Two, Part Three - a different stage of the edit. This edit being shaped by Daft Punk's Alive 2007 (at high decibels) and much dancing of arms over keyboard. Gotta feel the rhythm, oh yeah! Hooked on editing this part with Daft Punk blaring it seems. After being in a slump for a few days, the words are working again. Phew!
  • Must get some sun now. Out in the garden for some rabbit-chasing or down to the beach. Back to the words later.


gary davison said...

Just the word beach made me sigh, Paul. How I miss Oz. I looked out this morning and everything is covered in frost. My tennis elbow is back just as I'm starting to hit the ball decent (golf by the way), and my beloved Newcastle united are in the worst state they've been in, in years. So come on, help a mate out, and tell me about this beach in detail including crashing waves:)

Jane Turley said...

Hey, PB you need to check out Mr Intrepid's latest post "The Bean Shooter Man" for a tip on how to get those bunnies!!

A bit of writer's block hey? Send it to me and I'll add in some choice Peep Peeps and Whoo Whoos...that should get you thinking again!

Paul said...

I'll try and oblige in my next post, Gary... but I don't want to rub salt into the wound either!

Will check out Mr Intrepid, Jane -- cheers -- and I'll keep Thomas the Tank in mind next time I can't get my own engine to start!!