Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Heat Wave

Forecasts are buzzing that we're about to have a once-in-a-century heat wave. The media are betting on it. We occasionally get five or six very hot days across January and February and hit 41.5 here a couple of weeks back (that's 109 in the old money), although on this part of the coast it usually cools towards the end of such a day. But today is going to see the start of a string of these, we're told (yesterday was a comfortable 30). This'd be fine if every workplace had air-conditioning, but I'll focus on the prospect of a swim and a nice cold beer when I get home instead. Cheers!

What else could I play, but Marilyn Monroe in Heat Wave?


Swubird said...


I love heat waves. I grew up in the desert and I just can't seem to ever feel comfortable in the cold. Snow absolutely kills me. But admittedly, I have seen it so hot in places over here that I couldn't even go out of the house. That's hot.

I love the Marylin show. Of course, I saw the movie when it first came out. She's fabulous.

Happy trails.

Jane Turley said...

Lucky you! (Says Mrs T sitting at her PC wearing her outdoor fleece over her jumper!I seem to feel the cold these days....)

That Marilyn clip got me yearning for those days when everyone wore smart clothes and cared about their appearance. Nowadays, we all slouch around in jeans. Yuck. If I put something smart on people ask me where I'm going.... guess those shiny boob tubes are a bit OTT for the school run....

Paul said...

Swubird and Jane: Marilyn always seemed old-school when I was younger, but now that I'm old-school I'm beginning to appreciate her! Thank heavens for film.

Will be wearing my tux to work tomorrow, Jane.