Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rabbit plague

Bloody rabbits! Whoever introduced them into Australia deserves to be exhumed and shot. Ever since Monday, when I opened a rarely used side-gate to make things easier for the plumber, I've been plagued by a rabbit. It's only a bun of a thing, but that means it's faster and can get through the narrowest of gaps. I've wasted precious writing time trying to get the thing to leave again, but it quite likes our quarter acre it seems, particularly the vegetable plot.

I built a ramshackle fence of the upturned garden bench, bits of old cement sheet and the like, across a section of garden, to limit its adventures and direct it back to where it came from, and the pesky wabbit found a way through. Last night I corralled it back behind that fence and left the side-gate open so that it could return to its mummy, daddy and hundreds of brothers and sisters, and plugged all the holes in the fence... but found it sitting in the veggie plot this morning. Happy as Larry, or Peter Rabbit. When I catch it (fat chance!) I might give up vegetarianism and light up the barbecue, consider some tasty stir-fry recipes.

Q: What's a wok?

A: It's wot you hit a wabbit wiv when you haven't got a wifle.


Kellie said...

Ha, my dad tells that joke all the time. I loved it when I was little.

I hope you catch the wascally wabbit!

Paul said...

Yep, I have a new-found sympathy for Elmer Fudd!

Jane Turley said...

Look PB, I have absolutely no scruples I'm quite happy to wear a rabbit coat and hat.

Blast 'em I say! Although I guess when you knock yourself out from the recoil they'll probably have the last laugh.

A little rabbit paw would look kinda cute on one of those hats though. What d'you say?

gary davison said...

That's who i was thinking of when i pictured you in the gardening hat. Elma fud, or a name just like that:)