Monday, 11 January 2010


As we track pictures of record snowfall in Europe and North America, down here we're having a heatwave.  It's 40°C at the moment and rising.  I was about to load Marilyn Monroe singing Heat Wave, but I did that last year - shortly after posting a blog about the New Zealand boat Earthrace, which (as the Sea Shepherd's Ady Gil) has just been sunk while protecting whales (see article).

At the moment, I'm working on a reasonably long short story I've been wanting to write for a couple of years and finalising (I hope) the rebuilding of my website www.paulburman.net.  It's looked tired for a while and I've been trying to learn the different software that'll wake it up and make it more dynamic.  That's the plan, anyway.  Hope to launch it soon, fingers crossed.  Then I must get back to number three novel - my main project for 2010.

Given that there's a sense of familiarity about things at the moment, here's a rendition of Heat Wave... by the Muppets.


Mike French said...

Me and the kids went snowbathing here in the UK and set up all our summer stuff in the garden - although we kept our scarves and coats on!


Paul said...

Not quite Mad Dogs & Englishmen, but something very similar. Nice one, Mike.

Ricky Beca said...

43.6 it got up to here in Bacchus Marsh. :S
But hey. If you've got your own pith helmet, I would've been glad to join you Out in the Midday Sun. :P

Can't wait to see the next book you release to the public... Though I must admit to being guilty of not having read your first book just yet.
I still haven't seen it in the book shops I go to, yet. But when I do, be sure that I'll get it. ^_^

gary davison said...

You lucky and so-and-so. I wish it was decent weather here, Paul. a summer holiday is begging already.

sounds like you have plenty of writing projects on the go. good luck with them all, and looking forward to seeing novel number 2 hitting these shores.

SWUBIRD said...


I loved the video. Well done.

By the way, I just received my copy of The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore. The first paragraph hook me. When I get done. I'll write a review on Amazon, USA. I started doing that recently and it's enjoyable. Nothing too fancy, but fun. I only wish I had started writing reviews sooner.

My latest little story is about love. Not too manly, but it's true. Let me know what you think.

Paul said...

Ricky: Good to see you drop by and leave a comment. Cheers. We peaked at 44.3, but had the sea to dive in to at the end of the day. I can imagine doing a chorus of MD&E wearing pith helmets - nice one.

News on Number Two shouldn't be too far away, but feel free to buy a copy of The Snowing and Greening from Amazon or, more locally, from www.fishpond.com Hopefully, an Australian publisher will pick it up before long.

Paul said...

Gary, as is often the way here, the following day I should've posted a scene from Singing in the Rain. I got saturated walking to the shops. Great for the vegie garden, great for the water tanks.

Paul said...

Swubird: I'm delighted you got hold of a copy of The Snowing and Greening. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks also for considering reviewing it. Would love to see that when it's ready.

Must pop across now to http://www.swubird.blogspot.com/
to have a look at your latest piece. Nothing like a good love story.

Catch ya.

gary davison said...

It would have been that nice warm rain, I could live with that!

Paul said...

Hmm, can't deny it. It was good stuff.