Sunday, 17 January 2010

Good stuff

Good news on Friday, with the 8000 word short story I was working on last September being taken up by a UK publisher for an anthology (of ten stories) that'll be published in April (all being well, fingers crossed 'n' all that).  I won't say any more about it at the moment as I don't want to steal the publisher's thunder, but it made my day.

That'll make 2010 a two-book year with novel Number Two due to come out at some point (all still being well, fingers and toes crossed very tightly 'n' all that).  Again, I'm going to keep the title to myself until the publisher has announced it.  But once that's happened, I'll get the trumpets out - I'll get the whole bloody band out!

Other good news yesterday when Siân and I went to the opening of an exhibition of work by Laurie Collins at the wonderful Blarney Books & Art, where several of Siân's paintings are being exhibited at present.  In we walk to the news that one of her paintings had just been sold.  Nice one.

Thoroughly enjoyed Laurie Collins' sculptures too, so well worth a look either at his website (which doesn't quite do his work justice) or, if you happen to be in Port Fairy, at Blarney Books & Art.

Great weekend.

In other, late-breaking news, the Opportunities page I've been working on recently is now 'live' over at The View From Here.  Apart from publicising a global range of competitions, awards and opportunities for the literary community, there'll be a weekly profile of a publisher (and what they're looking for in terms of submissions) or a conference or a festival or summat - something, I hope, for writers of all styles and tastes.


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