Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pics more than words

Bit of a photo blog this week --- a phlog --- because I've run out of hours and brain space to string too many decent sentences together. So here are some pics of recent happenings.

The whales are back in town. Three or four Southern Right Whales have been off the coast this winter. Captured this image of mother and calf off Logans Beach at end of August. Very special visitors.

Port Fairy Book Fair, and yours truly introduces and discusses the excellent memoir Mother Land with its author Dmetri Kakmi.

Book Reading at Cape Nelson Lighthouse cafe in Portland. Thanks to an 'interesting' postal system and the presence of only one copy of The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore, the book signing became a book reading. Regardless of this, it was great to catch up with old friends on a beautiful and warm moonlit night to celebrate the novel's UK release (and a very appropriate venue for the selected reading). Lots of eating, drinking and laughter.

This is what the lighthouse looks like at night, according to my camera, but I thought I should include a daytime shot too.


Swubird said...


These are great photos. Since I live far away in another galaxy, I really appreciated how things look in your neck of the woods. Excellent composition, bright images, and nice color rendition. Very nice.

Happy trails.

Mike French said...

What was it like doing the book reading - nervous/excited/strange?

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

I'm not far in yet - but the rescuing of the Xmas decorations in the back garden killed me already. How much if any, is autobiog?

Stella said...

A phlog...?

How was the book reading?

(I'd feel strange!)

Paul said...

Hi, Swubird, Mike, ABB and Stella. My apologies for the delay in picking up no your comments, but I've been out of town (interstate actually) for the last nine days or so, and haven't accessed the internet in that time.

Swubird: one of the best aspects of blogs is this access to other people's worlds. If blogs lead to a greater knowledge and understanding of other cultures and other peoples, then this surely can only be a good thing. Happy trails to you too, Swubird.

Mike and Stella, it was a bit weird for being amongst old friends, but I do get an adrenalin rush from being involved in that stuff and usually end up enjoying it all the same.

ABB, the Christmas tree scene and the decorations are straight from the Factory of the Imagination. I certainly can't think of any experience that might have inspired those scenes or that I consciously drew on. But I certainly enjoyed working them.