Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Don't play with the crocs

During our holiday in Port Douglas, tropical north Queensland, last week, we came across this crocodile warning on the foreshore:

...next to the children's playground.

...and one of the swings was missing!

Saw these beauties in the Daintree River.

PS. Picked up a review in The Independent last Sunday. Getting some great coverage and interesting comments, even if they might have given The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore an extra couple of spuds! (See Bio/Interviews page.)


gary davison said...

Like you said, Paul, any comments are good. Thought the Independant's comment was good. Definately encouraging. Great Party pics over on the paperbooks site. Good job you never held it in Port Douglas with all those crocs about!

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

..."an inventive, passionate and insightful writer..."

Go Paul!

That sign - attacks may cause injury or death - sounds so like coffee cups these days, warning!: coffee may be hot.

There's crocs here, don't say I didn't warn you kiddies. Don't forget Peter Pan!

Mike French said...

Great croc shots! And enjoyed seeing the party pics over at Paperbooks.

Well done for getting a review in a main stream paper, I thought it was a good review although I didn't undertsand the over polished comment. I did undertsand the comment about the ending, I would have preferred it to end at all the greening, but that really is a matter of personal preference hence I didn't mention it in my review - some people want a happy ending with it all sown up, others don't : either way is valid.

Swubird said...


It's hard to believe. A crocodile nest next to a children's playground. Scary place. "Hey kids, come on. Dad's gonna take you camping."

A friend of mine grew up in New Orleans, USA. She said that when she was a kid they learned not to play in big mud puddles. Alligators were everywhere!

Happy trails.

Novice Writer said...

hi! how are you doing? So started a new blog? I haven't been around for sometime..Wemoved to a new place and there was no internet connecion for weeks!
I have yet to read your book..Hoping to get hold of a copy soon..
And nice pics! Very scary!

Paul said...

Gary: Too right, they would have snapped up the finger food, a guest or two and then the musos!

ABB: Perhaps Captain Hook was on the Town Council when it decided to construct a children's playground there!

Mike: I'm actually enjoying the alternative readings and preferences people are expressing. The contradictions highlight how subjective this process can sometimes be, but shows that people are engaging with the book, and that's really what it's all about. Once it's in the public domain, every interpretation is valid. We bring our own baggage to the way we read something, and that's the way it should be.

Swubird: Alligators in mud puddles? I certainly wouldn't go splashing about in those circumstances. This adds a whole new dimension to the nursery rhyme 'Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester...'

Novice writer: Great to see you back. Welcome. You've been missed! Will have to hop over to your site to see what you've posted.

Madison Richards said...

That's hilarious...Right next to the playground. Wow.

Glad you had a lovely holiday. Sounds like more good stuff coming 'round about your book - good on you Paul!


Paul said...

Cheers, Madison. 8~)