Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Desk

Many, many months ago, there was a meme inviting interested bloggers to post a piccy of their desk space. I have a feeling the one I saw was a Mrs T. post, but I've been unable to find it so can't be sure (but will link back to it if Mrs T points me in the right direction). All the same, it seemed a good idea and something I've been meaning to reciprocate for a year or so -- however long it's been.

I spend a lot of time at this desk, usually staring out the window at the ravens ripping pears off one of the trees, or playing with words, so it's an important space to me. As you can see, Post-Its are a key tool in my writing process, and I usually scribble on these at three or four in the morning and then spend a couple of weeks trying to decipher what I wrote. I made the brown lop-sided pot when I was about 10 and my grandmother gave me the old marmalade container which I've kept pens in ever since. I salvaged the timber for the desk from an old Science classroom in the UK. The builders were going to burn it, which seemed sacrilegious, so I bought it for a couple of bottles of beer and turned it into a desk. The chair swings and tilts in all the right ways, having learnt that I like to dance while I write... to Emilie Simon, DaftPunk, Ben Harper, Bob Marley... whoever.

How about picking up on this meme yourself? Just don't leave it for 12 months!


Swubird said...


That's a very nice little desk space there, and I love the corner cabinet. But it look like it's currently empty. All of the Post-Its reminds me of my own little space in my upstairs room. Post-Its and notes are everywhere and, just like you, after a night of frantic scribbling I have to spend a little time the next day trying to figure out what on earth I wrote. Sometimes it's not so easy. In fact, it wasn't two days ago that I promised myself that I would be a little neater in my handwriting so that I wouldn't have that trouble. I even bought a little wire bound notepad so I could keep my notes in one place. Now I just have to remember to carry the darn things with me.

Love the home-made desk. Looks good. I also like the window on your left. Unfortunately, my window is on my right side.

I built a corner table that has worked out very nicely. Now I'm in the process of finding a good, file cabinet that's the right height. Once I get that, I'll be done. I have a nice collection of dictionaries underneath and to my right: Math, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, etc. They're my hold overs from my days of technical writing. I am so glad to be retired - especially now. And I'll stay that way unless Obama takes away my Social Security. If that happens, you'll probably see me with all the rest of the seniors behind the counter at McDonalds. How about a Big Mac, large fries and a giant Coke?

Great post.

Happy trails.

Paul said...

Like you, I keep a stack of dictionaries and reference books close at hand, Swubird, although most of mine are to do with language. Your set-up sounds great, and it's important to have a comfortable space, isn't it -- and furniture you've made too.

I couldn't get over that this timber was going to be burned, and managed to build a kitchen table too, which is looking a bit the worse for wear these days, but which my daughter has been using as a desk for the last 10 years. (By the way, there are doors on the front of the corner cabinet, which is possibly why it looks empty -- but it's actually packed full of stuff like sticky tape, staplers, rulers, etc, etc).

I'm glad you're a Post-It fiend too. Maybe there's a group for addicts like us!

I'll forego the Big Mac and fries, Swubird. Would much rather read your posts instead.

gary davison said...

Count me in. mine doesn't look anywhere near as intriguing or relaxing as your set up, Paul. All ver white and boring, but it does me. I'll post tomorrow!

Paul said...

I look forward to it, Gary. It'll be interesting to see where you work. I know you've mentioned the whiteboard you use a couple of times, but it'll be good to get the rest of the picture.

Kellie said...

Looks like a nice cosy little desk you have there!

I'll be joining in on this! Just gotta upload the photos! :)

Paul said...

Thanks for joining in, Kellie. Great pics of your space you've added.

Jane Turley said...

Blimey, you are tidy Paul! have you no shame?!

Yes, I did post a piccy of my desk here;


It was a book tag though not a desk tag - I posted my desk as evidence that I had genuinely picked up such an odd assortment of books at first hand!

I admit I tidied my desk though and added the flowers for good measure it looks absolutely nothing like that at all normally!

Currently I have 7 cups, 1 wine glass, a yogurt pot, a pot of Clerasil blachead remover, a packet of tissues, a packet of Nytol, a small cuddly toy (true) a paint brush, glasses, 2 phones, glasses cleaner, a jewellers eyesglass, an empty packet of Jaffa cakes, a cassette player, 2 lamps, numerous pens (not in pot) a photograph,, several pads, an empty plastic bag.... I could go on but I don't think anyone would believe me....okay I'll take a piccy.......(I'll send it to you privately I don't want the world to see....)

Gotta dash, back to comment further on your deak after tennis duty finished....

Paul said...

I have to confess, Jane, that my business desk isn't half as tidy. It's a paper war zone and I'm permanently under siege. In fact, my employer being who it is, my "desk" is more a wooden bench than anything, which adds to the bunker feel.