Thursday, 22 April 2010

Coming up

Good to see the imminent release of The Grease Monkey's Tale announced on the Legend Press/PaperBooks website last week.  The current release date is June, although I know these things can change.  The next bit of excitement will be the cover designs, when they're ready.  And before long, all the anxieties will kick in.  Until it's on the shelves in book-stores and at least one person has read it and said they enjoyed it, I'll be like that shivering, old boat at the bottom of the sea: a nervous wreck.  But excited at the same time.

I'm working on Number Three and Number Four at the moment.  They're completely different to one another in mood and outcome - opposites in many ways, as The Grease Monkey's Tale is also opposite to The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore - but I enjoy working that way: a couple of hours on one and then a couple of hours on the other.  It keeps me reasonably balanced, almost sane, and means there's always something I want to write.

Also working behind-the-scenes on The View From Here's Opportunities page.  Am enjoying getting in touch with publishers and literary agents, and getting a first-hand view of the "industry" from their perspective.  Interesting stuff.

Reading 8 Hours at the moment.  One of Legend Press' excellent anthologies of short stories.  Talking of which, it's only a few weeks before At the Rawlings' Place will appear in the next anthology of long-shorts: 10 Journeys.  Hmm, more excitement. 


SWUBIRD said...


You certainly have the work ethic for success. I like the title, The Grease Monkey.

Happy Trails.

Kellie Phayer said...

Can't wait to read number two! I have been waiting since I finished reading The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore..

Looking forward to it!

Joe Logan said...

Can't wait for June then Paul!

Paul said...

Swubird, Kellie and Joe:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Glad you like the title, Swubird - that's the first hurdle jumped!)