Sunday, 15 August 2010

Blood, sweat and tears ... but finished!

The front of my head is bruised from all the times I've hit it against the wall in frustration, but after a year of cursing (and more than a few tears), the new website is finally finished and up and running.

Yep, the makeover of http://paulburman.net/ is complete.  It's a Flash-based website, this one, and first time round it might take 30 seconds to load (depending on the speed of your connection), but hopefully it'll be worth your while... and it'll load in a flash after that.

Enjoy - I hope you do.

Also, have just posted a profile of the Australian literary agent (and author) Gaby Naher over on the Opportunities page of The View from Here.

Now to repair that hole in the wall.


gary davison said...

love it! so original, especially the trees, makes you want to know more. Nice one, Paul.

Jane Turley said...

Grrrreat! The birds took me surprise a bit though - thought my PC was going to do crash out on me again! (It's time for a new one - it's been drving me nuts lately.)

Paul said...

Gary and Jane: Glad you both like it.

Gary: The trees are from a photograph I took last year of a hemlock forest in Pennsylvania USA and the drawings - did the drawings in a park in Wellingborough when I was 17. Wasn't sure why I kept them at the time, but now I know.

Jane: I knew that Sound On/Sound Off button would be essential after anyone had listened to the ravens for a minute or two. Strangely, there have been quite a few days this year when, in working on the website, I've turned the sound off only to be greeted by ravens making exactly the same raucous in the garden. Couldn't tell them apart.

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Paul said...

And thank you, Stela, for posting a comment. It's much appreciated.

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