Monday, 1 August 2011

Winter weekend, art, and a competition

This coming weekend sees another of my home town's Winter Weekend celebrations.  Throughout the winter months, every year, Port Fairy hosts a number of events, except I've gone and got myself involved this time.  I didn't mean to.  It just sort of happened.

While you can see the range of events taking place for this culinary-inspired weekend here, I rashly agreed to participate in the Smorgasbord of Port Fairy Art exhibition - a mosaic of paintings, depicting fragmented scenes of the town, which will be the subject of a competition (guess the layout of the mosaic).  Twenty local artists were invited to choose one of twenty photos as the basis for a  small painting (40 x 30cm), which will then be arranged as a mosaic.  The photos, as chosen by each artist, can be found with details of the competition here, but that's my photo above.

I must confess, this has caused me some angst and I would have destroyed my effort several times over if I hadn't made a commitment.  It may have been significantly smaller than the piece I put together for this year's Biblio-Art Exhibition (and I blogged about that and my nod to Jeffery Smart right here), but I found this one considerably harder.  Nonetheless, I learned a bit along the way and played around with different brush strokes, so, while I wouldn't hang it on my wall, I'm happy to pin it up here for the time-being.

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