Monday, 6 August 2012

A shout-out for Kathleen Maher and 'Underground Nest', currently available free on Kindle

I'm delighted to announce that American author Kathleen Maher, who I've worked with at The View From Here, has not only had her novella, Underground Nest, published as an ebook this month (Beekman Press), but that it's currently free from Kindle.  I've just downloaded it myself, and here's the blurb:
Underground Nest is a brisk and comic tale of deceit and comeuppance, about a philandering Scoutmaster who meets his match in a powerful woman. Zachary Severins lives by the Boy Scout Code, except when cheating on his wife and clawing his way up the career ladder at Columbia University. Upon meeting Vida Korbett, whose calculating ambition equals his, Zach’s sure-footedness begins to slip.
Here's The Link to the free download, and here's Kathleen's online profile.

Having tried out the Kindle for about three months now, I'll be writing about that experience (and some of the books I've downloaded) before too long.


Jane Turley said...

Great news for Kathleen. I've downleaded it and will be giving it a read in between the mayhem of the school holidays!

Jane Turley said...

I meant downloaded, obviously. I had to delete google chrome last night cos it kept crashing and already I am missing the instant spell checker! I'm going to try and reinstalling now.Ugh. I hate technical issues.

Any publication date, PB?

Paul Burman said...

I like 'downleaded'. It sums up the speed of the internet at times. Thank god the smell checker doesn't work!

No publication date from me yet... because still playing with words. I enjoy this part too much to give it up in a hurry.

Enjoy the simmer holidays :-)