Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Six Unspectacular Facts

I’ve been tagged by Stella with a meme: to provide six unspectacular facts about myself. The rules of the meme also include linking back to he/she who tagged, mentioning the rules, tagging a further six bloggers by linking, and leaving a comment for each blogger.
Here goes:

  1. Because I’m not very good at handling animals, my first pet was a tortoise (easy to catch and easy to pick up).

  2. My first ambition in life was to be a stage coach robber (not sure who would’ve looked after my horse, given my poor animal-handling skills, but I couldn’t have made a quick getaway on a tortoise).

  3. I’m better at swimming underwater than on the surface (I suck – literally).

  4. Was a vegetarian for over twenty years, but started eating fish after almost colliding with an edible-sized whiting, which had a length of fishing line hooked to its mouth. Tried unsuccessfully to catch it, and was unsure whether I’d release it or eat if I did, but started craving fish from that point on. (Fortunately, I haven’t been tempted to jump into paddocks and wrestle with cows or sheep, or any other living thing... except the occasional carrot and potato.)

  5. When people ask me what the R of my middle name stands for, I tell them Rumpelstiltskin (even though I can’t spin gold from straw).

  6. When I stopped working for the Post Office, I had to sign the Official Secrets Act (which I’ve probably contravened by mentioning it), even though I never could remember the price of a first class stamp.

  7. I believe it’s healthy to question accepted values and beliefs, and that some rules need to be broken. (Hence a seventh unspectacular fact and, in the absence of directly tagging six other bloggers, an invitation to join this meme if it interests you. If you choose to, let me know and I’ll post a comment.)


Madison Richards said...


I love your #7...I too believe it's healthy to question, for it is only in questioning that we have any hope of solidifying what it is we actually believe. It really bothers me when people check their brains at the door and hop on a bandwagon without an understanding of what they really think for themselves.

I used to be afraid of conflict or even a heated debate about a controversial topic, but now I relish the opportunity to discuss different points of view! I guess iron really does sharpen iron - go figure!


the Amateur Book Blogger said...

Witty. Did you forget to mention the unspectacular fact that your book is published soon by Legend Press? No. Wait. That is spectacular, doh, I get it > I'm up for this - but towards the end of the week.

Paul said...

Madison -- I like the way you put this ("it is only in questioning ... actually believe" and "iron really does sharpen iron"). I had a tendency to hop into 'heated debate' mode a little too easily at one time, and still love to play devil's advocate, but have mellowed in recent years, I suspect.

Amateur Book Blogger -- I look forward to having a peek at your responses at the end of the week. Will Enid Blyton (or her works) feature in any form, I wonder? Loved those articles on modernising the classics, by the way.

gary davison said...

Loved that, Paul, especially the animal part. I can just imagine you losing it big time and getting nicked trying to get a sheep in he back of the holden Ute. Debut author caught with sheep in uncompromising position... would boost sales I bet!

Nish said...

Hey Paul,

I stumbled upon your blog via a comment on my sister's blog. I have some feedback regarding the color scheme you chose :-)

The black text on the gray background is not very readable (even on an LCD monitor) and I must say I got a faint headache after a few minutes of reading.

I am not sure if it's something blogger randomly chooses or something you can customize, but it would probably make it easier for your readers to choose a better color scheme with a more readable contrast between the foreground and background colors.

Paul said...

Gary -- after watching Black Sheep, I reckon it's best to keep clear of the things. Have you seen it? (I've got a feeling you said you had in an earlier blog.) Loved it for the same reason I was into Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It's a Kiwi version of The Birds!

Nish -- thanks for dropping by and for your comment. The colour scheme is certainly my choice rather than a Blogger template. Must say, I find it easier on my eyes, not harder. Thanks anyway.

Stella said...

Re #7: as I said, show-off.

Just kidding :)) Excellent response, Paul.

Paul said...

Okay, Stella, it's a fair cop. I confess: I do like to go one step further and show off at times. It's the performer in me. :-)