Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Creative non-fiction

Have been working on a couple of creative non-fiction articles across the last couple of weeks. Thought it was time to challenge a different part of my brain for a while. Hmm. A different way of thinking. Hope it doesn't foment a Work-To-Rule down at the Factory of the Imagination.


Swubird said...


I'm not broadly published, or well known by any means. But I also like to write nonfiction now and then. My last article was in a public speaking magazine a long time ago. It was fun. Last year I wrote a piece on President Lincoln and, to my amazement, I discovered that some of the publication lead times were 18-24 months out. It was depressing. Plus, the magazines wouldn't even respond back for at least six months to let me know if they even liked the story. There's just too much competition.

But good luck to you. Nonfiction can definitely be fun.

Happy trails.

Mrs A said...

Not apropos of your post, but saw this in the Sunday Times today. Gets better towards the end once you are past the usual A A Gill-ery...


Mrs A said...

OK whole link doesn't come out.
Google A A Gill Sunday Times Morris Dancing!

How do you do links on this thing?

Paul said...

Swubird: Yep, it can be depressing and frustrating when you get no response whatsoever (also expensive when all those Stamped, Addressed Envelopes aren't used for what they were intended). I'm writing this for fun (as you say) and to challenge those other parts of my brain. Certainly don't have high expectations of finding a publisher for any of the articles.

Mrs A: Thanks for the Morris Dancing link, which worked fine as a link. This is tremendous article, once, as you suggest, one gets past the slightly sarcastic style - or rather, once AA Gill gets over it and down to business - and then I loved it. A wonderful and quirky exploration of a wonderfully quirky tradition, but a very powerful article too by the end. He's got a way with words, for sure. And as for those Morris dancers: very Green Man Dreaming! Thanks.