Friday, 10 June 2011

The long, winter weekend - Port Fairy

It's a busy few days in Port Fairy.  Started yesterday evening with being invited to join a Book Group as they discussed The Grease Monkey's Tale (always enjoy these opportunities to answer questions about a novel, the process of writing, and to hear different reader's interpretations and views).  Then, tonight saw the launch of an exhibition at The Whalebone Gallery, where SB promptly sold one of her paintings (so we'll be eating for a few more days).  And tomorrow sees the launch of the Biblio-Arts Awards Exhibition at Blarney Books & Art, where we both have paintings on show.  It being the long Winter Weekend (thanks to the Queen's Birthday public holiday - "Happy Burfday, Queenie"), when our small town is inundated with visitors, there's a host of other weird and wonderful events taking place, such as the Running of the Dachshunds.  I'm not quite sure how the annual dachshund dash evolved, or whether Spain's Running of the Bulls should feel threatened by it, but it'd probably be more appropriate to the locality if it was a Running of the Crayfish or Running of the Abalone... except it can take a long time for an abalone to yawn, let alone to move a centimetre or two.

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