Friday, 1 July 2011


I enjoy playing around with sound and images (at a very basic level),  and am often blown away by the ingenuity of mash-ups in particular.  There's a lot of talent in this area, and here are a couple of my recent favourites.  In the first, Chris Rule (with assistance from Nick Eckert) have recut the Mary Poppins trailer so that it's transformed into the horror genre - Scary Mary.

In the second, Frans Peter Bull Enger, aka Norwegian Recycling (visit his site for a variety of excellent mash-ups) has mashed Harry Potter into Dark and Difficult Times.  Enjoy.


Mike French said...

I love this sort of stuff - here's one I did years ago with a mash up of Matrix and The Day the Earth Stood still - matrix dialogue - Earth stood still footage

Matrix Mash Up

Jane Turley said...

Great - I'm a fan of mash-ups too. I particularly liked the Julie Andrews one:)

I like your new profile picture very much Paul - perfect. Reminded me of Dirk Bogarde in Death in Venice actually- so I suggest you don't fall asleep on the beach wearing it otherwise you might give SB a panic attack!

Paul said...

That's great, Mike. I love the way you've managed to synchronise the dialogue. Nice one indeed.

Death in Venice was a favourite film, Jane, so you've got me there. I'm always careful not to let my hair dye streak in humid weather, however - not a good look. :-)